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Turkey: A psychiatrist who gives drugs to 200 children suggests that their parents abused them sexually and then becomes wealthy by treating the children afterwards

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Turkey: Shrink drugs 200 kids to suggest their parents sexually assaulted them, makes fortune by treating them later

Professor Suleyman Salih Zoroglu was arrested along with a doctor who supplied him with illegal drugs. Source: Twitter

A psychiatrist in Turkey, Professor Suleyman Salih Zoroglu, has been arrested by the police on accusations of drugging numerous children and convincing them that their parents had sexually abused them.

It is reported that he administered psychoactive drugs to nearly 200 children who visited his clinic in Istanbul, with the intention of profiting from their subsequent treatment.

According to local media reports, he manipulated these children, making them believe they had multiple personalities and had suffered sexual abuse by their own families. On September 11, a police operation resulted in the arrest of Zoroglu and his clinic staff, including a doctor who supplied him with illegal drugs.

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Zoroglu, who held the position of Head of the Department of Child Psychiatry at Istanbul Çapa Medical Faculty, allegedly charged substantial fees while these ‘abused’ children were under his care, coercing families to pay for both treatment and drugs. It is believed that Zoroglu was aware that he could profit from the ongoing police investigation into the false abuse claims.

However, instead of providing genuine help to these young patients, he used his sessions to reinforce their fabricated memories of abuse, exacerbating their distress. The shocking truth about Zoroglu came to light when the concerned parents of a 15-year-old girl, who had been taken to his clinic due to academic concerns, became determined to expose his deceit.

The girl had been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder by Zoroglu, who claimed she had 48 distinct personalities, all linked to alleged sexual abuse by her father. While she was in his clinic, he administered the powerful horse tranquilizer Ketamine to create a disturbing record of rape and abuse by her family.

Ketamine is a dissociative drug, affecting different brain chemicals and causing visual distortions and a detachment from reality.

In a distressing turn of events, Zoroglu even instructed the girl’s parents to purchase the drugs he was using on her and bombarded them with religious messages, accusing them of sinning.

The girl and a doctor eventually submitted a comprehensive 12-page report to authorities. However, when the police conducted a medical examination, it was revealed that she was still a virgin, disproving her claims of rape. Suspecting that drugs might be a factor, further tests found traces of Ketamine in her hair, suggesting she had been exposed to it during her time under Zoroglu’s care.

It was only after the police removed the girl from Zoroglu’s influence and mind-altering treatments that she recanted all her accusations against her parents and abuse.

The girl’s brother played a crucial role in exposing the psychiatrist by saving text messages between his sister and Zoroglu, which provided evidence of Zoroglu’s manipulative tactics. Additionally, his sister provided prosecutors with details of Zoroglu’s methods and the alleged abuse he had inflicted on seven other young patients.

Zoroglu has acknowledged preparing sexual abuse reports for more than 40 children but has denied allegations of manipulation and coaching. Prosecutors, however, suspect that as many as 180 children may have received false abuse diagnoses from Zoroglu.


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